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Giant Robo, The Animation

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Giant Robo, The Animation Empty Giant Robo, The Animation

Post by Endymion on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:02 am

I start the thing with mentioning Mitsuteru Yokoyama's name. He is one of the most famous manga writer and anime producer next to Osamu Tezuka, grandfather of the genre. He made works can be compared only to Tezuka's work. The depth of the stories and the design of graphics is a way older than the classic titles. I can't describe this with other words: the original japanese cartoon style from 1940.

The Giant Robo, subtitled as Chikyƫ ga seishi suru hi, literally 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' is a multigenre anime. It isn't an anime version for one of Yokoyama's manga, but a tribute to his work. It features many if not all of his characters, places, fantasy histories we encounter in his mangas. However there are changes due to being a crossover.

It is hard to tell anything about this 7 episode OVA series without spoiler. Basically it is a quasi-closure to all his works. It starts where the stories at their peak, the fight between the Experts of Justice and the BF Group. The main line added be this anime is the origin of everything, the chance to change everything. The BF Group got the legendary samples of the Shizuma Drives, the new generation energy producing cores. Those samples are reacting with the normal Shizuma Drives and renders them unusable. The 7 OVA tell all the secrets around this, gives us answers to the questions from the mangas.

The Giant Robo animation is extremely hard for an anime, difficult to understand the true meanings. It isn't happy neither sad, more like the life itself. Can happiness achieved without sacrifice? This is the question this anime want to answer as without saying a single word about the answer. Everyone must know it from their own.

After watching all of the 7 episodes, I can say this one already beat the shit out any other shows I ever watched. If anyone say it can be compared to Tezuka, he's right. It is like the Hi no Tori, a symbol to every single japanese works. Even the Tetsuwan Atom and Mitsume ga Tooru is older than this, not have a single chance comparing with Giant Robo. And if you ask me, I can't decide between Hi no Tori and Giant Robo for the title of the best ever.

I must note this is the objective fact. Personally I still prefer Sailor Moon over others.

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