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Post by Endymion on Thu May 11, 2017 8:49 am

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I just don't know why I didn't created a topic for this game, it is more than just the right place to do so. Smile

Not too much people know, there was once a Macross game for PC, released in 2001, titled as Macross: Valkyrie Overdive. It was compatible with Win95, Win98, and Win2000. Later in 2002 an updated version of the same game was made with the title Macross: Valkyrie Overdrive XP, and as its title suggest it was compatible with the most recent version of Windows of that time: the WinXP. The game became extremely popular in Spanish regions and tons of mods were made for it. The XP version of the game was abridged as Macross VOXP.

This game is a third person shooter / airplane simulator with arcade controls. You pilot the series' famous mechs, the valkyries. You have two kind of weapons, the guns and the missile, each having different types for different purposes. As you expect from a Macross game you can spam missiles on every locked target, firing them rapidly. The goal is very simple, destroy everything you see. It can be a warship, or the ace of the other team, but there are modes where you must reach a specific score. It have a little story mode with 14 missions, and a custom battle mode. Of course it features online multiplayer also.

The game always played in team, even if there is only a single mech in one. You start off on your warship where you can edit your loadout and can chose mech (if it isn't changed in the custom mission's menu) as well editing your wingmates. A team can have up to 6 fighters, and a game can be played with 8 teams maximum. There is an option to set sides for the teams, thus a team can have more than one flagship. As you fight you gain score by achieving hits, and bonuses by destroying targets. You can use this score to buy upgraded equipment, or more weapons if your mech can hold it. Every weapons have classes from 'D' to 'S' which represents its quality, 'D' being the weakest and 'S' the best.

Full Pack
This pack containst every mod of the game, as well the original version of Macross VO and Macross VOXP. The only thing it miss is the DYRL mod.

Here is a little gameplay, but the uploader disabled the game's music. Anyway it is good to see how it looks like. Smile

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