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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Post by Endymion on Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:13 pm

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This time it may be a big bite for me since I barely seen the first four episodes yet, but I'm progressing slowly, one episode per a day. I try my best to make a recommendation for this one because it is something special after the tons of standard "faction fights faction with big mechs using guns to prove their right" mech shows.

Cross Ange starts with the basic of its own settings: magic and mana is natural while being not having it makes you incorrect. To make this a little more edgy the Normas (humans without mana) are able to cancel the magic user's projected mana just by touching it effortlessly. Because the whole society is focused on the use of mana this is unforgivable. The Normas are stripped from their rights as humans and exiled to a distant island to fight the beasts known as Dragons for the sake of the mana users. If they die or no is no matter, they are no longer humans and basically have no rights to live normally.

The story focuses around Angelise, the crown princess of Misurugi who happen to be a Norma but thanks to her mother this fact was hidden even from Angelise herself. Considering the law stated above she got exiled and have to begin her life as a worthless soldier. Of course this isn't easy for her and can't even accept neither the punishment neither the fact she is a Norma. This is a new life she have to used to as she is no longer the princess Angelise but Ange.

To fight the Dragons the Normas using a mechanized weapon called ParaMail, based on a much stronger weapon the RagnaMail. These are transformable arial fighters that can switch between flight mode and assault mech mode. Speed, variety and costumizable equipment makes these weapons suitable to fit any give situations.

I have to mention the anime has a lot of very strong erotical reference on screen. It is far more straight forward than the so called "ecchi", more like an old erotic movie where only the "connection" is not visible. These are used to either grab the feel of a real all-woman prison or to strip the concept of war from its romantical meaning.

After those four episodes I found this one really entertaining, amongst the very few animes where I not think on "why he/she had to died, it totally gives nothing to the story". I like how the episodes grab situations without making comedy from it but also not forcing it to turn into a drama. I'm curious how it will continue.


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